PINASPEED is owned and operated by AIRSPEED INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION. (“AIC”, “PINASPEED,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”). When You (“Seller,” “You”, “User” or “Your”) use PINASPEED (“Website”, “Site” or “App”) and the websites or apps content and our technological solutions that facilitate payments and logistics services (the Site, software and such content, products, and services are collectively referred to herein as the “Services”, or “Service”), these Terms of Service constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”), and Us (“Company”, “we”, “us”, or “our”), concerning your access to and use of the PINASPEED website as well as any other media form, media channel, mobile website or mobile application related, linked, or otherwise connected thereto (collectively, the “Site”).
  1. Service
    By signing Up, You will be required to create an Account with Us. The following are the Services offered to You when You sign-up and agree to the Terms:
    1. Book A Rider to Pick Up
    2. Book for Outlet Drop Off
    3. Bulk Order Upload (Coming Soon)
    4. Dashboard
    5. Order Analytics
    6. Disbursal

    1. Book A Rider to Pick Up
      1. Items with Rider Pickup as a sending method shall be picked up within the day if booked within the 8AM booking cutoff. If booking was made beyond booking cut-off, the item shall be picked up the next day except for Sundays and holidays.
      2. Pick up Day is Day 0.
      3. We will not process pickups for any order unless You book it in the dashboard beforehand.
      4. The Service provides a pickup service in selected areas. Areas of pickup coverage may change without prior notice. Please refer to our pickup Areas.(NCR, CAVITE, RIZAL)
      5. You agree and acknowledge that We do not guarantee to fulfill your pickup request the next Business Day should there be any circumstances beyond our control, and that We reserve the right to reschedule pickup on our sole and reasonable discretion.
      6. Our rider shall bring packaging (Pouch-Box depend on Book Parcel) the waybill copy to be attached by the Merchant to the shipments upon pick-up. (* in 1.1.1)
      7. Our riders shall have a fifteen (5)-minute window time for waiting.
      8. Shipments that are still not ready upon arrival of the rider at the pick-up point within the allowable waiting time set on booking shall be considered cancelled
      9. Our rider has the right to decline or not accept the shipment in the case of wrong declaration of commodity, weight and dimension and prohibited items that may result in cancellation of booking. Pls refer to (Packaging Guidelines).

    2. Book for Kiosk or Outlet Drop Off
      1. Items that are identified for drop-off upon booking shall be dropped-off at the identified drop-off outlet locations within seventy-two (72) hours (or 3 working days) from the booking time except holidays, and force majeure events (i.e., earthquakes, typhoons, floods). Otherwise, it is considered cancelled.
      2. Our CCA Associates shall attach the waybill on the items upon seller drop-off.
      3. We offer various Package options with maximum size and weight limits upon booking.
      4. If Your Package exceeds the required specifications, We will be unable to accept the Item. (*refer to packaging weight & dimension)
      5. If in the event that We deem that the Package You have chosen may compromise the safety of its contents, the Buyer, or of the Fulfillment Partners while in transit, We reserve the right to update, modify, or redo the packaging in order to avoid any damage or harm. We will inform You should this be the case. Please note that any additional charges resulting from any changes in packaging will be for your sole account and may be deducted from Your Earnings subject of disbursal.
      6. Wrong declaration of commodity, weight and dimension that may result in cancellation of booking.

    3. Book for Kiosk or Outlet Pick-ups
      1. Items that are identified for kiosk or outlet pick-up upon booking shall be picked-up at the identified kiosk or outlet pick up-locations within seventy-two (72) hours (or 3 working days) from the booking time except on holidays, and force majeure events (i.e., earthquakes, typhoons, floods) otherwise, considered as failed pick-up.
      2. No Show Cancelled Pick-up Merchant has a maximum of up to 5 working days to recover the shipment. For items unclaimed after 5 days: Shipment will be tagged as “Abandoned Shipment” and will be subject to proper disposal after 5 working days.

    4. Bulk Order Upload
      1. Allows seller for multiple booking through batch upload using an excel file.

    5. Disbursal
      1. You authorize Us to collect payments from your Buyers on your behalf for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations to You.
      2. We follow a bank-based Disbursal schedule. Please refer to the following schedules (the “Disbursal Schedule”) based on Your preferred bank account. COD collection will be deposited to your registered bank account after two working days once shipment is tagged as delivered or cancelled.
      3. Payment Disbursal Responsibility: The Pinaspeed shall be responsible for disbursing payments to the Seller for goods or services rendered in cod. However, the Seller acknowledges and agrees that they will shoulder any online transaction fees, banking charges, or other associated costs related to the payment disbursal.
      4. Payment Methods: The Pinaspeed shall provide the Seller with a list of accepted payment methods for the goods or services. The Seller may select a preferred payment method from the provided options.
      5. Online and Banking Fees: The Seller shall bear any fees imposed by online payment gateways, banking institutions, or any other financial intermediaries involved in the payment process. These fees may include but are not limited to transaction fees, processing fees, currency conversion fees, and any additional charges applied by the respective payment providers.
      6. Payment Disbursal Schedule: Pinaspeed shall disburse payments to the Seller within the agreed-upon timeframe, as stated in the purchase agreement or contract between the parties.

    Unless the parties agree to the different terms regarding Transaction Fees, the following terms shall apply.
      1. Registration to the Services and Account Creation is free.
      2. We reserve the right to deduct any fees, charges, (including reversal or chargeback fees) incurred by Us or the Fulfillment Partners related to Your Use of the Service, as well as any applicable transaction fees from Your account, or Your accounts from Our other products and solutions.

      1. Shipping fees are inclusive of 12% VAT.
      2. Please see below Our packaging options and shipping fees as detailed in the Pricing section and FAQs of Our Website. Please see below Our packaging options and shipping fees as detailed in the Pricing section and FAQs of Our.
      3. Shipping and Valuation fees will be shouldered by either You or the Buyer depending on what was agreed upon.
      4. Return-To-Sender (RTS) fees, except when waived in writing by Us at our sole discretion, will be shouldered by You. RTS fees are imposed after an undelivered package is returned to the point of origin (pickup address). The RTS fee is equal to the shipping fee (and other related fees) charged for the delivery, subject to change without further notice, and may (at Our sole discretion and without prior notice at each instance) be deducted from Your next disbursal or paid by You outright upon receipt of the returned package. We, at Our sole discretion, may also send invoices to You to collect owed RTS fees.

      1. All prices listed are subject to change at any time without notice. The information on the Website may be updated regularly so You are expected to review the charges and rates before and after using the service

      1. We will disburse your earnings within 2 business days after the shipment is delivered.
      2. You are responsible for ensuring that the details of your bank account You provided in your dashboard in our Service are correct.
      3. You authorize Us to collect payments from your Buyers on your behalf for the purpose of fulfilling our Services.
      4. We will not be liable for any damages that result to delays in Disbursals caused by Your preferred bank account or bank.

    1. Seller Items will be delivered to the named recipient and to the address provided by You as inputted in the booking. A person representing to be authorized to be able to receive the goods will be deemed to be duly authorized by You.
    2. You agree that an Item will be considered unacceptable for delivery if it is classified as hazardous, dangerous, prohibited, or restricted by Us (based on Our sole discretion). Refer to the Prohibited Items listed below. (Link here)
    3. You must communicate with Your Buyers directly to resolve any requests for refund. This includes refunds for COD transactions that have already been fulfilled by Us.
    4. Lead Times for Delivery
      • Metro Manila 2-3 Days
      • Luzon 3-5 Days
      • Visayas 5-8 Days
      • Mindanao 5-8 Days

  4. Product Quality
    1. We will not be held liable for any issues that may arise as a result of the quality and authenticity of the products the seller will ship to us.
    2. Upon investigation, PINASPEED shall be held liable for any product damages if proven damaged while in Transit.
    3. The following items are prohibited from being sold or offered to be sold using Our Services:
      • Dangerous and Hazardous Items
        1. Explosives
        2. Firearms
        3. Dangerous drugs
      • Live Animals and Plants
      • Perishable Items
      • Jewelry
      • Bullion
      • Precious Metal
      • Monetary Bank Notes
        1. Currency
        2. Traveller’s Cheques
        3. Money Order
    4. Acceptable Items commodity (Document, -Non Spoilage Food, dry goods, canned goods grocery, Clothing, Electronics, Fragile, Medical,Other.)

  5. Return To Sellers (R 1.2.1 TS)
    1. RTS For Kiosk Pick-Up
      1. Items failed to be picked-up at kiosk or outlets within seventy-two (72 hours) or 3 working days shall be automatically cancelled and tagged as for RTS. No storage fee will be collected. Shipping fee charges to kiosk pick-up is equivalent to storage fee.
      2. Once tagged as cancelled, sender shall have a maximum of 5 days to recover shipment. Shipment will be tagged as “Abandoned Shipment” subject for proper disposal after maximum of 5 days. A signed acknowledgment slip from the sender shall be secured for the disposal of the shipment.
      3. No storage fee shall be collected for the shipment but it will be subject for proper disposal after 5 days.
    2. RTS For Kiosk Drop Off
      1. If items are not Dropped at Kiosk or Outlet Drop-off within 72 hours (or equivalent to 3 working days), the booking shall be automatically tagged as cancelled.
      2. Within 48 hours from the booking date, PINASPEED shall send a cancellation email notification that the booking for drop off is already subject for cancellation if item is not dropped within 72 hours on drop-off outlets.
    3. RTS for Door-to-Door Delivery
      1. The Return-To-Sender (“RTS”) process shall be initiated after two (2) delivery attempts.
      2. Items with “For Disposition” (Need to communicate with sender for lacking or wrong information given) – within 48 hours. Otherwise, for RTS
      3. Return-To-Sender (RTS) fees, except when waived in writing by Us at our sole discretion, will be shouldered by You. RTS fees are imposed after an undelivered package is returned to the point of origin (pickup address). The RTS fee is equal to the delivery fee.
      4. Where the package was dropped off at our Outlet branch, but it was not delivered to Your recipient, it shall be returned to the Outlet where You dropped it off. We will send You an email that it is ready for pick up. You may then pick up the returned item from the said Drop-Off Outlet branch within 48 hours.
      5. RTS Lead Time: Metro Manila (2 Days), Luzon (6 days) , Visayas (10 days) and Mindanao (14 days)
      6. If the package was picked-up by Us from Your indicated pickup address, You shall be charged a Return-To-Sender fee equal to the shipping fee (and other related fees), VAT inclusive (“RTS Fee”), per tracking number for the return of the package to Your address.

    4. CLAIMS

      • Force Majure Neither Party shall be liable, or considered in default, for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations, if such delay or failure arises, directly or indirectly, from the occurrence of a force majeure event or any other event beyond the reasonable control and anticipation of the concerned party provided there is no contributory fault or negligence. However, the concerned party shall be expected to: a. Immediately notify the other party of the occurrence of any event which may affect the performance of its obligations; and b. Exercise or perform such necessary remedial and/or protective measures to mitigate or minimize the adverse effects of the occurrence of any force majeure event.

      • Missing Package
        You can file a claim for a missing Pinaspeed package within 7 days of its shipment date through the company’s Express, Ground, or Freight services. Pinaspeed allows shippers or recipients to file a claim for any packages that are lost, damaged, or arrived with missing content.

      • Functional Damage/Faulty Items
        If the product’s packaging shows visible impact of mishandling and/or outside damage, you can file a claim for this shipment.

      • Delivered but not received
        All reported incidents will be the subject of investigation. Merchants with confirmed lost packages will receive a full refund if and only if the package has a valuation fee.

      • Wrong Waybill Attached
        In case the package was mistakenly swapped and the package with the wrong attached or written waybill was shipped to your address or turned over to you through the kiosk, you can file a claim or request for reverse logistics to recover the wrong delivery and receive the right package free of charge.

      • Cancellation
        Booking Cancellation: If You wish to cancel a successful booking, You may cancel it thru logging-in to your Pinaspeed account. Pick-Up Cancellation: If You wish to cancel a scheduled pick-up, You must submit a formal cancellation request to Us in writing or through the designated communication channels. The request should include the pick-up details, reference number, and the reason for cancellation.Communication of Cancellation: We will confirm the cancellation of the pick-up service in writing. It is Your responsibility to ensure that the cancellation request has been received and acknowledged by Us.Rescheduling Option: Instead of cancelling the pick-up, You may have the option to reschedule the pick-up time, subject to availability and Our approval. Additional charges may apply for rescheduling, depending on the circumstances. Liability: While We will make every reasonable effort to process Your cancellation request promptly and accurately, We shall not be held liable for any delays, errors, or omissions in the cancellation process or any resulting damages. Package Return: In the event of cancellation after the delivery process has commenced, We may attempt to return the package to the original sender or to an alternate address provided by You. Any associated return shipping charges will be borne by You.